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Service Change Notice 11-32

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

320 PM Mon EDT Sep 12, 2011


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            -Family of Services

            -NOAA Weather Wire Service

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            Other NWS partners and employees


From:       Cynthia Abelman

            Chief, Aviation Services Branch


Subject:   Facsimile-Based International Flight Folder

           Documentation Program (IFFDP) Termination

           Effective February 28, 2012


Effective Tuesday February 28, 2012, at 1400 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), the NWS Aviation Weather Center (AWC) will cease all facsimile transmissions of the legacy IFFDP. AWC IFFDP fax services will no longer be available. Effective February 28, IFFDP data will only be available through the Web International Flight Folder Documentation Program (WebIFFDP). WebIFFDP is operational and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Before using the WebIFFDP service, authorized users must register by going to the following web address:


As a contracting state of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the United States is obligated to provide flight documentation services to the international aviation community. Since October 1, 1998, in accordance with Chapter 9 of Annex 3 to the Convention on Civil Aviation, the AWC has provided the required meteorological information to airline operators and flight crew members for the purposes of dispatch planning, preflight briefing and enroute guidance as a fax-based system of distribution. This fax-based system is now obsolete and expensive for NWS and its users to maintain. WebIFFDP has been available to users since January 4, 2011, and became operational on September 12, 2011.


The new WebIFFDP system offers users a Qualified Internet Communications Provider (QICP) certified Website for obtaining international aviation weather information. QICP is a certification by the FAA that a Website meets specific security, availability and transaction-time standards. WebIFFDP also introduces users to an enhanced service which includes custom virtual Flight Folders and other features not available through the fax-based system.


For technical questions and support in registering user access for WebIFFDP, please contact:


Jim McDuffy

Aviation Weather Center

Kansas City, MO 64153



If you have any questions or comments about this change, or the WebIFFDP service, please contact:


Michael Pat Murphy

Warning Coordination Meteorologist

Aviation Weather Center

Kansas City, MO 64153



National Technical Implementation Notices are online at: