NWR Transmitter/Receiver Problems?

Problems receiving the NWR broadcast can be due to issues with the NWR transmitter, your NWR receiver, or possibly both.
Please check the list of known outages/degraded service shown below and the special notices before reporting an outage.

Please do not use dst.webmasters@noaa.gov to report transmitter problems

NWR Stations that have either degraded performance or are currently offline.
This information was current on: 10/24/2017 03:50:10. UTC

Click on a red Red Icon Image or yellow Yellow Image Icon icon to view transmitter details

degraded Icon Image DEGRADED - Indicates that a transmitter is operational but experiencing a temporary reduction in the quality of service such as coverage area, audio quality, etc. 
Out Of Service Icon Image OUT OF SERVICE - Indicates transmitter is temporarily non operational due to problems such as a power outage, antenna damage, etc. 

Special Notices

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[+]"Beeping" on certain Midland receivers and the weekly test
[+]WXM68 Marlboro, VT (Ames Hill) transmitter ceased broadcasting on 9/15/17 (9/18/17)
[+]WXK34 Victoria, TX transmitter Out of Service due to Hurricane Harvey (9/7/17)
[+]KHB41 Corpus Christi, TX transmitter in Degraded status due to Hurricane Harvey (9/7/17)
[+]KHB40 Galveston, TX transmitter in Degraded status due to Hurricane Harvey (9/7/17)
[+]WZ2542 Harlingen Spanish, TX transmitter removed from service (Update 3/7/17)
[+]WWH34 Walton, NY transmitter Out of Service (8/27/15)
[+]KWO35 New York City, NY transmitter status (Update 9/7/17)

NWR Transmitter Outages

This information was current on: 10/24/2017 03:50:10. UTC

CAUkiahWNG720162.525Eureka CAOUT OF SERVICE
MTBelgian HillWWG84162.500Great Falls MTOUT OF SERVICE
NYWaltonWWH34162.425Binghamton NYOUT OF SERVICE
NYCooperstownWWH35162.450Binghamton NYOUT OF SERVICE
NYNew York CityKWO35162.550Upton NYDEGRADED
OHAthensKZZ46162.425Charleston WVOUT OF SERVICE
OKTulsaKIH27162.550Tulsa OKDEGRADED
PRMaricaoWXJ68162.550San Juan PROUT OF SERVICE
SCKirkseyKHC28162.425West Columbia SCOUT OF SERVICE
TXDallasKEC56162.400Fort Worth TXOUT OF SERVICE
TXStephenvilleKWN33162.450Fort Worth TXOUT OF SERVICE
TXBeaumontWXK28162.475Lake Charles LAOUT OF SERVICE
TXCorpus ChristiKHB41162.550Corpus Christi TXDEGRADED
VISt. CroixWNG677162.500San Juan PROUT OF SERVICE
WVBeckleyWXM71162.550Charleston WVOUT OF SERVICE