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NWR Transmitter/Receiver Problems?

Problems receiving the NWR broadcast can be due to issues with the NWR transmitter, your NWR receiver, or possibly both. Please check the list of known outages/degraded service shown below before proceeding.

If your transmitter is not listed below, the problem may be possibly be with your receiver. If your NWR receiver is not working properly or you need assistance in programming your NWR receiver, please click here for a list of manufacturers for assistance (Adobe PDF format).

If you are unable to receive the NWR broadcast and are reasonably certain that your receiver is operating correctly, please call the following number to report NWR Transmitter Problems:


or fill in the form below to send an email to

Report NWR transmitter outages (dead air) or failure to receive the weekly test (every Wednesday between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon) local time. NOTE: The weekly test may not be performed if there is severe weather in the area of the transmitter during the time scheduled for the test.

Special Notices

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[+] "Beeping" on certain Midland receivers and the weekly test
[+] KWO35 New York City, NY transmitter status update (5/9/14)
[+] WNG732 La Follette, TN transmitter scheduled relocation
[+] WWG74 Kauai, HI transmitter in DEGRADED mode (2/10/14)
[+] KWN55 Jamestown, MO is out of service (4/9/14)
[+] KXI32 Appleton, MN transmitter (6/26/14)
[+] WWF48 Mt. Greylock, MA transmitter scheduled relocation (6/6/14)
[+] WXL37 Highland, NY transmitter out of service (7/24/14)
[+] WXK36 Tyler, TX transmitter out of service (7/30/14)

Sites With Performance Issues

DEGRADED - Indicates that a transmitter is operational but experiencing a temporary reduction in the quality of service such as coverage area, audio quality, etc. 

OUT OF SERVICE - Indicates transmitter is temporarily non operational due to problems such as a power outage, antenna damage, etc.

Weather Forecast Office (WFO) is the office that provides weather information to the transmitter in your area

This information was current on: 08/01/2014 15:30:11. UTC
StateCallSignTransmitter NameFrequencyWFOStatus
HIWWG74Kauai162.400Honolulu, HIDEGRADED
KYWWG78Williamsburg162.500Jackson, KYDEGRADED
MAWWF48Mt. Greylock162.525Albany, NYOUT OF SERVICE
MNKXI43Grand Marais162.450Duluth, MNDEGRADED
MOKWN55Jamestown162.425Weldon Spring, MODEGRADED
NDWXL78Bismarck162.475Bismarck, NDDEGRADED
NDWXN88New Town162.525Bismarck, NDDEGRADED
NEWNG549Columbus162.450Valley, NEDEGRADED
NMWZ2516Silver City162.425Santa Teresa, NMOUT OF SERVICE
NYWXL37Highland162.475Albany, NYOUT OF SERVICE
TNWNG732La Follette162.450Morristown, TNOUT OF SERVICE
TXWXK36Tyler162.475Shreveport, LAOUT OF SERVICE
UTWXM24Milford/Cedar City162.400Salt Lake City, UTOUT OF SERVICE
UTKJY61Escalante162.425Salt Lake City, UTOUT OF SERVICE
VAWZ2500Sand Mtn162.450Blacksburg, VAOUT OF SERVICE
WIWXJ87Madison162.550Sullivan, WIDEGRADED

To Report An Outage

Please provide the following information:

Submission of the information marked (Optional) is voluntary; however, without all the information we may not be able to troubleshoot the problem fully.

Privacy Policy.

Transmitter Call Sign
Email Address for Follow Up
Receiver Make
Receiver Model
Please enter the number 25

Submission of the information marked (Optional) is voluntary; however, without all the information we may not be able to troubleshoot the problem fully.

Privacy Policy.

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