NWR County Coverage Listing for American Samoa

DEGRADED - Indicates transmitter is experiencing a temporary degradation of service.
OUT OF SERVICE - Indicates transmitter is temporarily out of service.

State Selection for County Coverage

County Coverage as of July 17 2018 17:05:12. (UTC) Print

CountySAME #NWR TransmitterCall SignFrequencyRemarks
Eastern District060010Mt. OloteleWZ2529162.550ALL
Eastern District060010Pago PagoWNG710162.400ALL
Manu'a District060020Pago PagoWNG710162.400ALL
Rose Island060030---No NWR Coverage---  ALL
Swains Island060040---No NWR Coverage---  ALL
Western District060050Mt. OloteleWZ2529162.550ALL
Western District060050Pago PagoWNG710162.400ALL